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News Flash: Afrostank Rules!

No news is good news unless the news that was bad is good then the news wouldn't be bad anymore it would instantly change into good news there excluding the above statement that no news is good news because the news would be good and then maybe the news would be no news is bad news.Apparently our fans favorite song is Stankonianites since it won our unfair, totally byass, uncontrolled poll. Also, it is now official our next cd will be released as The Flying Henrys as it won in our other messed up poll. We Rule!

Past: We released Yea Basically.

Present: I am typing the news.

Future: We will release The Afrostank Rules.

April 9, 2001- We decided to do this here nothin so enjoy!

February 20, 2002- Clover Hill Live only at Clover Hill Highschool Auditorium at 7 pm on this date!

February 24, 2002- Clover Hill Live was a huge success! Good Job David, Kyle, Tim, Tyler, and Rachel acting and Me and Alex cue running. Today I was bored and updated. Keep on keepin on!

March 13, 2002- We record "Haas" and another song in efforts to begin new cd.

March 15, 2002- We release "Haas" to Adam and Mike and they love.

March 16, 2002-Seth and Adam collaborate on writing "Tuskey" in honor of a their dearest Bio teacher.

March 19, 2002- We record "Tuskimo" after a little rearranging and a little of our own lyrics.Watch for its release April 1.