Afrostank "Flying Henrys"


Afrostank would like to thank all their supporters for the success of the first album "Yea Basically". We are currently working on our follow-up album "Great Mind are Still Stupid" due out upon completion. So be on the look out because this cd will be about all your favorite personalities. We have recorded two tracks "Haas" and another. We are releasing one single a month in order to in promote the album. March's single is "Haas" and be on the look out for April's single "Tuskimo" to be dropping well obviously in April. By the way this album will actually have good guitar, a real bass, and vocals which will make it seem almost like a real cd not like "Yea Basically" being complete stupidity. "Great Minds are Still Stupid" will consist of funny lyrics but sound like a normal songs. Peace out yall and Enjoy!

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